c. 1750 PEEPSHOW of a masonic lodge by Martin Engelbrecht.

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Augsburg, Germany, no date, circa 1750. There are 6 hand-colored

panels each 13,7 x 9,2 cm in fine condition. Each panel

has cut-out hand colored scenes which, when viewed at spaced

intervals, provide a three dimensional view of an masonic lodge. There is much attention to detail:

 Martin Engelbrecht and his brother began their publishing house in

Augsburg, Germany in 1719. Amongst other items, they produced

the first peep shows, an early form of family entertainment.

Engelbrecht peep shows were not bound together like their

19th century offspring, but were meant to be viewed on wooden

frames with slats so that a family could have several different

peep shows and view them interchangeably. This is a larger

format, early peep show offering a glimpse at life in the 18th

A special luxury viewing box has been made for this peep show set.
high: 12 cm
wide: 15 cm
long: 46.5 cm

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